Training for the Lost Island Ultra

Why run an ultra? Where do you even start? How do you fit all the training in?

I run not because I have to but because I want to. I have so many different reasons: I run to clear my mind, I run to plan my work, I run to come up with new ideas and I run to experience new places, cultures and meet new people.

The first question people normally ask is how much do you run ever week? Now this is where it gets interesting. I don’t run as much as you think I should and if you compare it to “the average ultra training programme” mine is almost the exact opposite. Now if you have ever trained for a marathon you would know that it is easy to let it take over your life. Ultra running is a lifestyle not just following a training programme. Confused? Let me explain.

My ultra running goal for most of my races is fun, enjoyment (despite the pain) and meeting new people not winning. Thus the training is less stressful. Training should be fun! Those long runs should be something you look forward too not dreading it! So let me show you who my average training week looks:

📆Monday: Prehab: This is training to prevent injuries due to the bad habits we as runners develop and is never the same. What ever was hurt during the previous week’s training is what I work on. Stretching, mobility or strength. Due to work this session is either a couple of minutes here and there or if possible a half an hour. <

Tuesday: Running. I have to run early in the morning before everyone’s day start. I normally leave at 5:45am for a 12-15km run. The longer I want to run the earlier I have to start in order to be back to wake everyone up and do the school run before going to work at 9am. 📆Wednesday: Strength training and running technique in the pool. On a Wednesday I start work at 6:30am thus I add my strength training during the day. Either in blocks of different exercises or an hour at a time. This helps me to work on time on feet rather than just running distance. 📆Thursday: Running. Like a Tuesday it’s normally 12-20km but as I get closer to my event I use a pyramid running programme. A pyramid running programme is where your running distance increases over four weeks period and then drop down again. 📆Friday: This is my lucky dip day! It all depends on how I feel! Remember I train for fun. I might run, I might go to the gym to do strength training or I might just go to the spa to do heat acclimatisation. A great excuse for some pampering 😇 📆Saturday: This is my long run day! And yes I still get up at 5:15 for an early run in order to have a two to three hour run and still be back in time for my husband to go to park run at 9am. As the race gets closer I will a few longer runs or if possible a race. 📆Sunday: This is my rest day! No training except when I get closer to an event and I have to do back to back training in my pyramid training programme but that’s normally only once or twice or months before events. It’s not your typical ultra marathon training programme but it fits into my life and I enjoy my training and staying injury free! Join my running community on Facebook free training videos and advice #marathon


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