3, 2, RUN! 

In 2011 I accidently found myself in a team of 8 running at the Thunder Run, I struggled with sciatic nerve pain but fell in love with the race. Despite the inability to get out of the car after the weekend I announced that I will do it solo the following year! Oh and by the way I want to be in the top 10. Training was up and down and I  spend almost more time trying to stay in one piece than running. It was only after my stress fracture that I realise I wasn’t invincible. The only problem was I only had 8 weeks left before the race. So I rested did my rehab and hope for the best. I wasn’t planning on dying so what’s the worse that can happen? Despite a torn calf muscle I finished 7th with 120km. Fast forward a few fun filled team  years and I’m back as a solo runner!

Well at least I’ve done a bit more running this time and are more experience although I’m not always sure that that’s an advantage. As a beginner I had no idea what to expect or how much it will hurt unlike now! I feel strong and fit but if I look at my training diary it lookes a bit empty! I’ve not done endless miles but every session had a goal: time, distance, hills or speed. My training time was very limited and if I missed a session I couldn’t catch it up. 

My stomach is turning and my brain seemed to have stopped working on a day to day basis. It’s only planning the race. Nutrition, clothing, race plan A and B. It’s my 40th birthday present to myself running 24 hours. I want to run 16 laps, 100 miles. 

Running is a mind game. The better I can control my mind the easier the run will be. I have a stack of mental strategies up my sleeve. I’m using all my anatomical and physiological background to experiment with new ideas. More of which will be in my race review. 

For now it’s visualisation, preparation and rest! 


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