Ultra running is a lifestyle!


In 2012 I ran my first ultra, the Thunder Run 24, a 24 hour race. The race itself was a steep learning curve. I realised that if I was going to pursue the ultra pathway everything in my life has to change in order to support my running. As a qualified human movement and rehabilitation specialist I’m fully aware of how to assess the body and prevent injuries. Having had two stress fractures in the same place on my shins I stared preparing my body. I know where my weaknesses are and work in the gym and with a chiropractor on them to prevent any future injuries.

My second ultra which I planed was the UTMB but to qualify I had to get seven qualifying points (now up to eight). In 2013 I did five ultras, two team 24 hour races and all three of the Women’s Running Magazine 10k races all without injuries.

I ran around Dover’s White Cliffs, followed the South Downs Way, the Ridge Way, the Parks Ultra in London and the best of all The Jungle ultra in Peru. My races became my test of how well I prepare. Ultra running is so much more than just running. It’s about planning for the environment your race will take place in. How do you fuel your body for optimal performance. How do you stay injury and blister free. Which equipment is going to help you reach the finish line.

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