5-min healthy eating -Day 4

I hope you are enjoying your healthy eating! If you’ve been reading the blog but not yet manage to start then don’t worry. Life is busy and it can be hard to make lifestyle changes. But stay positive and try to improve one thing at a time. 

Breakfast: Melon slices with frozen mango and berry yogurt 


Prep: 5-min 


2-4 melon slices 

1/4 cup plain or Greek yogurt 

50ml soya milk (or any other milk)

1/4 cup frozen mango (or any other frozen fruit) 

1/4 cup frozen berries 

1-2 tbsp mixed seeds and nuts or crushed seeds and nuts


Slice the melon. 

Blend the frozen fruit, milk and yogurt in a blender. You might need to cut the mango pieces smaller or allow the fruit to defrost a bit. 

 Pour frozen yogurt over the melon. Sprinkle your seeds and nuts over the yogurt.   

I used milled linseed with goji berries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


If you have leftover frozen fruit yogurt pour it into shot glasses either as a snack or I’ll show you in a few days time what you can do with it. 


Snack: Courgette and carrot rolls 


Prep: 5-min 


1 carrot (you will use some for the snack and some for your lunch)

1 courgette (you will use some for the snack and some for your lunch)

Hummus (you will use some for the snack and some for your lunch)



Use a vegetable peeler and peel the courgette and carrot into long pieces. 

Spread hummus onto the peelings.

Roll the peelings up into a roll and push a toothpick in to hold it in place.  

Lunch: Chrisp bread or crackers with toppings

Now I know you think. “There’s no way I’ll get these topped crackers to work without it all ending up in a big mess”. But it is possible! See how I did it at the end! 

Top left: Pesto chicken with avocado 

1 Chrisp bread or cracker (I used seeded Chrisp bread)

80-100g chicken 

1 tbsp Pesto

1/4 avocado 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Mix the pesto and chicken and place on a Chrisp bread 
Top right: Mustard ham


1 Chrisp bread or cracker (I used seeded Chrisp bread)

80 -100g cooked or smoked ham 

Spinach to taste 

1 tsp mustard 

1 tbsp plain or Greek yogurt 

1 -3 carrot peelings (prepared when you made your snack) 

Mix the mustard, yogurt and ham. Place the spinach on the cracker followed by the ham mixture and decorate with the carrot peelings. 

Bottom left: Hummus, courgette, carrot and tomato 


1 Chrisp bread or cracker (I used seeded Chrisp bread)


2-3 courgette peeling 

2-3 carrot peelings 

3 baby plum tomatoes 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Spread the hummus on the Chrisp bread. Layer the courgette, carrot and tomatoes. Season to taste. 
Bottom right : Spinach and cottage cheese  


1 Chrisp bread or cracker (I used seeded Chrisp bread)


3 tbsp cottage cheese ( I used one with pineapple mix in) 

2 baby plum tomatoes 

Place the spinach on the Chrisp bread put the cottage cheese on and decorate with the tomatoes. 

So how do you get it to work? 

Place an extra Chrisp bread on top of you finished Chrisp breads.

Place your Chrisp bread sandwich on a piece of backing paper.

Fold it over and pull it tight.

Stick the edge together with a sticker or sellotape.

You can also use foil to make little parcels.

5-min healthy eatingĀ 

Eating healthy shouldn’t stress you out! Over the next few days I will post easy breakfasts and lunches which will help you to eat clean, lose a few pounds and feel more energettic!

Breakfast and mid morning snack

Chocolate chia pudding, lemon green tea, almonds 

Prep: 5min

Cooling: Over night  (or 3-8 hours)


1/3 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup cocoa

1/4 tsp salt

2 tbsp honey

1 1/4 cup soya or almond milk


Mix everything together and pour into 3 small glasses.

Refrigerate over night.

Chia puddings will last up to 3 days in the fridge.

Top your chia pudding with Greek yogurt or fruit like berries or bananas.

Note: if you don’t like the texture blend it for a few minutes for a smother texture.

Lunch and afternoon snack

Couscous salad with an apple as a afternoon snack


Prep: 5-min


Couscous – I used an instant couscous. Just add 160ml of boiling water and set aside for a few min.

1 carrot diced

8-10 sugar snap peas or green beans

1/3 pot cottage cheese

Pomegranate seeds to tast


Mix everything together

Blisters, black toe nails and foot care

I have been running for nearly 30 years and know that looking after your feet are very important. But I still get amazed by the amount of people who just shuff their feet into a pair of socks and trainers and then think that blisters and black toenails are just part of running.

If your car’s tyres are flat you don’t say ‘well at least my car has wheels and drive it with flat tyres!’ No driving with flat tyres cause damage. Now I know the topic of blisters and black toe nails are vast and what work for one person might not work for another but it’s important to address the issues of what is causing the blisters.

Why do I get blisters or black toe nails?
All blisters and black toe nails has a cause. By fixing the cause you will prevent blisters and black toe nails which in my opinion is better than getting them in the first place.

The most common reasons for blisters and black toe nails are:
It is important that your shoes are at least one size bigger than your normal shoes to allow extra space when your feet swells up. Also make site that your shoes are correct for your feet. Arch support and orthotics can often cause blisters.

Yes socks are important. Similar to shoes if they are too small it can put pressure on the tips of your toes which can lead to black toe nails. Socks which retains water and sweat soften the skin which in turn can cause hot spots and blisters. Thus make sure your socks are slightly bigger as well.

Looking after your feet is important. Keep your toe nails short to prevent pressure on the nail bed. Take off calluses as they are prone to blistering. Keeping the fine balance between keeping your feet harden up yet well looked after is very important.

If your hip flexors are weak you are more prone creating a breaking force when you land in comparison to someone who has a good leg stride that brings the heal backwards.