The rain in Fiji…

The rain is thundering down and it has been since I arrived in Fiji. It’s 4am I haven’t adjusted to the new time zone yet. It started raining harder… how is that even possible. My stomach turns. In two days time I will sleep in a tent… I know it has a very good waterproof rating but will it cope when Mother Nature lashes out! I don’t mind rain ☔️ but this much makes me scared 😧

I thought that I would be spending my first few days acclimatising running on the beach and swimming but I found myself walking through the soggy well maintained gardens of the hotel. The beauty of the this tropical garden gets over shadowed by by my thoughts of how I should pitch my tent ⛺️ everywhere I walk my feet sinks away. How on earth do I keep everything dry in a place where everything is waterlogged?

But despite this feelings I know that this is part of ultra running. You train, you prepare and then you have to believe. Believe in yourself, your abilities. Just put one foot in front of the other. Deal with the problem when you are in that situation. Never over think, never over plan! Look at the beauty around you and enjoy the experience of a lifetime! 😀


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