What’s your marathon training goals? Add your emoji in the comments 😁

Training for a #marathon or #halfmarathon can be challenging. Fitting work, family, training and a follow a health diet can drive most people to the edge of their abilities turning your supposed to be enjoyable race into a stressful event.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that. Over the next couple of months I will give you #marathontips, #nutritionadvice, FREE #training videos.

Let’s kick off today with planning your marathon goals?

Add your emoji in the comments below

😁 I just want to complete my half/marathon << strong> I’m planning a new personal best 😇 I’m going for a sub 4-hour marathon (1:45 half marathon) Join my mailing list to get your free Marathon and half marathon training programmes in your inbox. I promise not to spam you


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