5-min healthy eating – Day 5

Now let’s face it! In todays’ fast pace life having 5-mins to prepare something healthy can be a tall order. One of the biggest reasons is that we are creatures of habit! We stumble out of bed and follow the same routine day in and day out. We don’t need to think about it so having to think about it can make it hard. So why don’t you take some time and create a place where you can store all your healthy eating ingredients in one place?So it’s day 5. You might have missed a few day or maybe you are still just reading. Well that’s good too. Research has shown that you have to tell people at least seven times before they might be interested. Keep reading, plan in your head how you can make this work for you. Use the weekend to get everything (I will post the full shopping list) and start fresh next week.

Breakfast: Protein shake


Prep: 5-min or less


1 banana (or any other fruit: berries, mango, apple)

1 scoop of protein powder of your choice (I used chocolate protein powder)

200-300ml Milk of your choice or water (I used soya milk)

Blend everything together and enjoy.

Snack: Mini Fruit Kebabs


Prep: 5-min


2-5 different fruits (I used melon, blueberries, apricots)


Cut your fruit into smaller pieces if required. Put it on the toothpicks and enjoy as snack without getting sticky fingers.

Lunch: Mango Chicken Salad


Prep: 5-min


80-100g chicken

Spinach to taste

6 baby plum tomatoes

½ cup frozen mango pieces or 1 fresh mango

1 avocado cut into pieces

Flaked almonds

3-4 tbsp. Hummus of your choice

Cut everything into small pieces and mixed together. 


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