Blisters, black toe nails and foot care

I have been running for nearly 30 years and know that looking after your feet are very important. But I still get amazed by the amount of people who just shuff their feet into a pair of socks and trainers and then think that blisters and black toenails are just part of running.

If your car’s tyres are flat you don’t say ‘well at least my car has wheels and drive it with flat tyres!’ No driving with flat tyres cause damage. Now I know the topic of blisters and black toe nails are vast and what work for one person might not work for another but it’s important to address the issues of what is causing the blisters.

Why do I get blisters or black toe nails?
All blisters and black toe nails has a cause. By fixing the cause you will prevent blisters and black toe nails which in my opinion is better than getting them in the first place.

The most common reasons for blisters and black toe nails are:
It is important that your shoes are at least one size bigger than your normal shoes to allow extra space when your feet swells up. Also make site that your shoes are correct for your feet. Arch support and orthotics can often cause blisters.

Yes socks are important. Similar to shoes if they are too small it can put pressure on the tips of your toes which can lead to black toe nails. Socks which retains water and sweat soften the skin which in turn can cause hot spots and blisters. Thus make sure your socks are slightly bigger as well.

Looking after your feet is important. Keep your toe nails short to prevent pressure on the nail bed. Take off calluses as they are prone to blistering. Keeping the fine balance between keeping your feet harden up yet well looked after is very important.

If your hip flexors are weak you are more prone creating a breaking force when you land in comparison to someone who has a good leg stride that brings the heal backwards.


2 thoughts on “Blisters, black toe nails and foot care

  1. Relu says:

    I’ve run 1500 km in one year.This was my first running year.I’ve been in 10 contests from half-marathon till 100k ultra , on asphalt or trail, wet or dry roads.I never had black toe nails or blisters.Why? I think that the most important rule on this topic is: never try new equipment on contests.Allways wear what you normally wear on trainning days.
    I dont like bigger shoes in mountains because they make my feet move inside, because of the different angle of the path.But on roads I wear shoes with1/2 size bigger.Socks are allways specials for running and perfect fit .
    That’s all.Never stop hitting the road.

  2. Alexy says:

    I have started buying running shoes – one size bigger! hopefully better and same for the socks – you don’t know how many socks I have bought! They are expensive and still looking for the perfect pair! I don’t like the compression socks – so please recommend me a good one? Please let me know…
    I really want to run the full marathon and more without stopping because of the blisters!
    Thank you for your supports at the TR24 xx

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