Run and travel the world – the Ultrabug is alive!

I was always fascinated by different cultures and counties and spend the last 15 years traveling the world. When I travel I prefer to experience the local culture rather than to spend all my time in luxury hotels.

This love to do things outside the norm combined with my ultra running has let to the birth of ‘the Ultrabug’.

So what is an ultrabug? An Ultrabug is a person who likes meeting new people from different cultures, while running, walking or jogging. We are strangers who meets at races where we bond to make lifelong friends who supports, encourage and celebrates each other’s running, walking or hiking achievements.

So as queen Ultrabug I’ve set up our first international event:
Ultrabug’s Fundu Moldovei Ultra Marathon, Romania. A 100km fully supported race over 3 days through the Carpathian Mountains. Whether you walk, run or jog this culture rich ultra marathon will give you the experience of a lifetime!

For more info visit:


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